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À propos de l'application

The Leaf Spy Pro application allows anyone with a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, Android device with Bluetooth and a supported ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapter the ability to monitor their battery and other vehicle information normally visible only to the dealer.

With the release of version 0.39.97 LeafSpy Pro now supports two Bluetooth 4.x LE approved adapters. The recommended one is the LELink available from Amazon. Bluetooth 4.x LE has the advantage of not needing to be paired and lower power from both the Android device and the Leaf. The LELink is highly recommended and also works with the iOS version of LeafSpy Pro.

The built-in help file is available as a PDF by sending an email with subject "Android PDF Help" to WattsLeft.meter@gmail.com

Information displayed by Leaf Spy Lite & Leaf Spy:

* Voltage of each of the 96 cell pairs (highlighted if shunt active)
* Minimum, average, maximum cell pair voltages
* Histogram of cell pair voltages
* Battery Temperature readings (4 sensors for 2011/12 models, 3 for 2013 models)
* Battery AHr rating (this will decease with age and is an indication of remaining capacity)
* Odometer
* Number of Quick Charge connections
* Number of L1/L2 Charge connections
* EVSE Max available amps
* EVSE voltage

Additional information displayed by Leaf Spy:
* Battery energy level in GIDs & kWh
* Resetable energy usage meter (Wh resolution)
* Graphic display of SOC, GIDs and DTE (Distance to Empty)
* Remaining distance meter (miles/km) to Event (Low Battery Warning, Very Low Battery Warning or Reserve) based on user selectable energy efficiency
* Graphic display of battery temperature with min, avg, max temperatures
* Tire Pressure of each of the four tires with low pressure warning and delta pressure warning alarm (at the moment only for 2011-2017 Leafs)
* Ambient Temperature
* Logging function that records most data and optionally GPS location to a csv file that can be easily imported into excel.

The "Pro" version adds the ability to perform functions normally requiring a visit to the dealer.
* Change automatic door lock/unlock settings
* Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
* Register Tire Positions (required after tire rotation or seasonal tire changes so your Leaf knows the correct location of each tire on the car)
* Ability to reset DTCs from selected ECUs
* Control VSP Sounds on 2011-2017 Leafs. (Nissan disabled this function on 2018 and newer Leafs.)
* Clear P3102 DTC after a battery replacement.
Date de mise à jour
3 juil. 2022

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738 avis
Un utilisateur de Google
21 juillet 2019
Fonctionne parfaitement. J'ai d'abord testé la version Lite gratuite, puis je suis passé sur la version Pro, qui comprend tous les affichages, et la possibilité de modifier certains comportements de la voiture (tel que le verrouillage automatique des portières à 10 km/h par exemple). Leaf 30kWh 2016 Acenta / dongle ELM327 Bluetooth en version 1.5 (les versions suivantes ne sont pas prises en charge par le CANBUS de la voiture)
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Un utilisateur de Google
20 janvier 2020
Leaf 2019, impossible d'enregistrer la pression des pneus et de modifier la durée de l'éclairage intérieur. Au prix de l'application, une mise à jour serait grandement appréciée !!!
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Ta Aifg
15 juin 2020
Impossible de vérifier la pression des pneus, ça donne un message que l'application est compatible avec une ancienne version d'android (j'ai un Samsung s8+), ça prend une mise à jour de l'application.
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- Fixed bug that caused Leaf's Center display to enter "<>" mode when scanning for hardware during startup.
- Fixed bug that would crash the app when trying to Reset Gauge Marks.
- Updated VSP function to allow it to be tested on 2018 and newer Leafs. Please provide feedback whether you are able to disable sounds or not on these newer Leafs.