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One app to read them all.

Bring all your ebooks, comics and audiobooks in the same place, no matter where they're coming from:

• Import your own EPUB, CBZ or PDF files
• Buy all the latest releases and best sellers from Feedbooks, with a catalog that contains over a million references
• Built-in support for public libraries, allowing you to easily browse your library's catalog and borrow books from them
• Thousands of public domain books from Feedbooks
• Add your own catalogs, for example using Calibre

Aldiko provides an extensive set of features for both casual and power users:

• Customize your reading experience with multiple fonts and themes
• Full support for dark mode throughout the app
• Highlight any text in EPUB, add your annotations and easily export them to plain text documents
• Organize your bookshelf to your liking with categories and collections

We love open-source and standards at De Marque and Aldiko 4 is built on top of open-source software that we directly contribute to:

• Read EPUB files via a Readium Mobile based reading experience
• Explore catalogs using OPDS
• Full support for Readium LCP based on EPUB, PDF and audiobooks
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18 jul. 2022

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215K reviews
Michel Meuleman
12 augustus 2022
Je bent verplicht een account aan te maken. Je kan geen gebruik maken van de SD kaart als opslag... een app van voor WO II
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De Marque
13 augustus 2022
Hello, Creating an account is completely optional and you can skip this during our onboarding. Android has added many limitations to our ability to store and access content from SD cards, this has been mostly limited to music, photos and videos with recent Android updates. We'd love to bring it back if this ever gets sorted out. The Aldiko Team
Hennie Floor
29 april 2022
Vond de oudere versie prettiger.
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Isabella Lala
10 mei 2022
Ik kan de boeken die ik zoek niet vinden. Heel irritant.
4 mensen vonden deze review nuttig
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