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About this app

A software Squeezebox player for your Android device. If you've never heard of Squeezebox please do a Google search before purchasing. This app only has controls for connecting to servers, it does not have any playback controls. To control playback you will need a use a Squeezebox remote app like Squeeze Ctrl, or use the web controls of your server.

Devices running Android 4.1 or higher. Works best on Android 5.0+

- Supports both local servers and (you will need to have a account)
- Automatically discovers local servers on your network.
- Supports playback of music files on your server and internet streams.
- Natively decodes Flac, MP3, AAC, Ogg, Alac, and PCM (AIF and Wav) audio.
- Natively supports playback of 24bit audio by converting to 16bit (with dithering).
- Continues playing when the app is in the background.
- Can handle music with lower than 44.1Khz sampling rates, common with internet radio.
- Supports fade in, fade out, and crossfading between songs.
- Supports synchronized playback with other players.
- Supports single channel mode for using two sync'd players as left and right channels
- Supports track/album gain for songs.
- Automatically pauses playback for phone calls.
- Option to pause audio when the headphones are unplugged.
- Option to launch directly into the notification area without showing an app view.
- Option to limit playback to only lossy compressed formats for low bandwidth situations.
- Option to auto-detect connection type (3G/4G, Wifi, or ethernet) and set the bandwidth accordingly.
- Option to disable 24->16bit dithering and/or use lower quality resampling for use on slower devices.
- Option to output higher than 44.1kHz audio on devices that support it.
- Works with the apps in MyApps that are allowed by Logitech to work on software players.
- Experimental support for floating point PCM output on Android 5.0+ devices.
- Experimental support for DSD Audio playback by converting to PCM. Requires LMS 7.9.

- Android 4.x can only support up to 16bit/48kHz audio. Android 5.0+ allows higher resolution formats.
- Only works with ShoutCast and plain http internet streams, which accounts for the majority
of streams. Will not work with MMS and MMSH streams, which are mainly used for WMA audio.
- Apps like Rhapsody (and possibly Spotify) will not work with this app because Logitech restricts
them to hardware players only. I've been told that paid Pandora should work.
- Any stream that requires resampling by the app may not work well on slower devices.
- The quality of synchronized playback can vary a lot depending on the device.
It works well on a Galaxy Nexus, but it won't be perfect and will need to be adjusted in your server
settings. Android 5.0+ recommended for synchronized playback.
Updated on
Jul 11, 2021

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135 reviews
Greg Thomas
November 27, 2021
Good; does a better job of reconnecting to a server when going from Wifi to Mobile Data and vice versa. I use a VPN to connect to the server when out and about, and network changes are common-place; SqueezePlayer (which I have used for years) always skipped songs and stopped responding when network changes occurred, but this app seems to deal with change pretty well (thanks to the timeout and retry options I presume). The client-side bitrate option is also useful for remote listening. I would perhaps like to see a 100% fixed volume option for the LMS client, though, as I would rather just change the volume of my phone (and Bluetooth headset) and not have to think about another volume level. I realise, though, that perhaps this already exists (does "Use Device Volume" and "Disable Volume Buttons" together fix the volume of the client on the server?), and I might just be getting confused, especially because OrangeSqueeze has its own Device volume options. Perhaps SqueezeCtrl would be a better fit with SB Player. Anyway; thanks!
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Nick Willder
June 27, 2021
Solid LMS/Squeezebox player. Nicely integrates with the superb Squeeze Ctrl. Won't play non-44.1kHz sample rate streams (unlike Stefan Hansel's player). Seems to lack ability to move play position within a stream in some circumstances (which may be the stream's fault). Edit: 5 stars now. I'm very much corrected on the matter of sample rates. I use this on phone, tablet and Amazon Firestick almost daily.
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June 24, 2021
This app will play streams of any sampling rate up to 192Khz. The app defaults to reporting 44.1Khz support to the server because Android internally resamples all audio to 44.1Khz and it saves battery power if the server does the resampling. If you want the app to do the resampling, enable "Emulate 192Khz Support" in Settings > Performance.
Mark Scaramuzzi
July 31, 2022
**UPDATE 31 July 2022: Dear angryGoat App is now killed continually and almost immediately on chromebook. This seems to have occured after recent Chrome OS update. **UPDATE: thanks AngryGoat you have fixed it for my Chromebook!!! :) I am very grateful that you have done this and it works wonderfully too.. it even stays running in the background until i close Squeeze Ctrl.. many cheers!
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July 12, 2021
I think I can check for the Chromebook and not ask about battery optimization, but there is no guarantee that the app will actually work correctly in the background on a Chromebook. I don't have a Chromebook and I don't intend on buying one to test.

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