Babyndex Saliva Ovulation Test

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First signs of your ovulation include tiny fern-shaped crystals in air-dried saliva. Babyndex can detect these crystals and can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Babyndex is an app with a mini microscope that can detect your fertile window. Know your fertile days from saliva crystals!

How does it work?

1) We supply a microscope:
Apply a very little saliva to the lens of the microscope that and wait for it to dry. Saliva starts to crystalize when you hit your fertile window.

2) Download the application:
Hold the microscope against the camera and take a picture of the saliva sample. The app recognizes the saliva crystals.

3) Know your fertile days:
Find out when there is a high chance of getting pregnant. Our algorithm analyzes the saliva patterns and determines the probability of crystals.

Is Babyndex right for you?

Only use Babyndex if you are not using hormonal contraception. In this case, your own hormones regulate your ovulation cycle. Naturally, the salinity of your saliva is high on your most fertile days. Babyndex is able to recognize saliva crystal patterns formed by your salts. Use Babyndex if you don’t want to spend a lot on urine test strips. Our ovulation microscope is reusable and our application is free! And use Babyndex if you want to track your actual fertile days in a natural way. Babyndex is the first app capable of recognizing the natural saliva crystals with modern image analysis.

What is the saliva fern test?

Your saliva crystalizes during your fertile days. Your body goes through different stages of your ovulation cycle. First the estrogen hormone levels increase and cause that saliva starts to crystalize. These saliva crystals resemble the shape of fern leaves and the whole procedure is called saliva fern test.
Using our high-quality microscope and app, you can detect these crystals in your dried saliva samples. Just try it!

How reliable is the saliva test?

Harvard Medical School studied the effectiveness of the saliva ovulation test combined with automated crystal detection in 2018. The Harvard researchers have concluded that the accuracy of the same solution as Babyndex is higher than 99 %. Using this method, we detect estrogen hormone increases in a less intrusive and more affordable way than comparable urine or electrolyte tests. What is more, FDA has already approved saliva test for ovulation prediction, which is what Babyndex is also based upon.

How to detect the fertile days?

Urine LH test predicts ovulation ~ 1 day ahead but it is non-reusable and expensive.
BBT Body temperature test is reusable but it detects ovulation ~ 1 day after.
Saliva fern test predicts ovulation ~ 3 day ahead and it is reusable.

Babyndex combines this non-invasive method with modern technology and makes it easy to interpret.

Just try it!

The 5 days before ovulation are the fertile days. The saliva fern test can predict ovulation about 3 days ahead and with Babyndex you can make an even better prediction. The microscope is reusable and affordable. The test is non-invasive and the results show the actual fertile window with an extremely high accuracy of >99 %.

Take the test every day for a full cycle!

Babyndex is easy to use. Make testing your morning routine. Remember to take the test every day for full cycle! Then you can take it regularly during the expected fertile phase. This is how you can get the best results for detecting your fertile days and for getting pregnant.

CE Certification:
Maybe Baby is a Mini Microscope for Ovulation Cycle Observation and bears the CE marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
Notified Body 0483 granted the EC Design Examination Certificate.
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24. feb. 2022

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