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Experience the magic of GPS audio walks, cycles, drives and even boat rides with VoiceMap tours in over 250 cities worldwide. They’re like podcasts that move with you, to tell stories about what you’re seeing right now.

VoiceMap’s tours are produced by insightful local storytellers, including journalists, filmmakers, novelists, podcasters, and tour guides. Sir Ian McKellen has even created a tour. It's around London's West End, where he has performed for over 50 years.


◆ VoiceMap works offline. After you download a tour, the audio will be available offline along with an offline map.

◆ With GPS autoplay, you can focus on your surroundings, not the screen. Put in your headphones, tap on Start, and let VoiceMap guide you.

◆ If you do wander off in the wrong direction, VoiceMap will play an audio alert, and you can follow the map on your screen to the next location.

◆ With hundreds of free and paid tours, VoiceMap offers huge variety.


Lonely Planet: "High-quality self-guided walking tours...Narrated by local experts, they provide insight into corners of the city sometimes overlooked by regular guided tours."

New York Times: “We may be biased, but could there be anything more helpful than having a journalist in your pocket when touring a new city? How about a historian, a novelist or just a really passionate local? VoiceMap culls city-specific stories from them all and fits them neatly into walking tours.”

CNN: "Lost your travel guidebook? Can't be bothered to carry one around? No need to fret, a popular celebrity could be at hand. At least that's the aim of VoiceMap, a cellphone application that offers personalized audio tours of cities around the world. In some cases, the guide could be a local journalist or knowledgeable resident."
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In 8.3.2:
‣ General updates and optimisation

In 8.0:
‣ This version uses custom Mapbox maps and VoiceMap now looks the same whether you're online or offline
‣ The start screen has been upgraded and it's easier to resume a tour now if you stop for a break somewhere along the way