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If you want to use this app you need a login account.

With this app you can submit your bird migration counts directly from the watchpoint. The app was primarily developed for use at raptor watchpoints, but is now also usable at other types of watchpoints (e.g. seawatch, vismig, etc.).

The species shown by the on-screen buttons can be changed via the website using "Site-management" -> "Species list management".

After upload all count data are visible on the Trektellen website. You can use "status update" to upload records any time during a count, or choose for a live link with the website via “Auto-upload”.

The app is available in:
Dutch, English, German (by Marc Bulte and Sander Wansing), French (by Nicolas Selosse) and Spanish (by Rafa Benjumea)

Video how to collect raptor counts
Video how to collect seawatch counts:
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* Reload and group button are now also avaiable in the footer.
* New records and total page with clicktrough
* It is now technicaly possible to link site specific questions per sighting.

Add: possibility to submit if a tallycounter was used. (show all fields)
bugfix: related to required height field

Small changes to the weather part of the count. Temperature has moved to the 2nd row. Fields for humidity (%) and air pressure (hPa or inHg) are added.