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Über diese App is the subscription provider for watching performing arts of local stages (comedy, literature, classical music, music, dance, theatre, etc.) anytime & anywhere and on all devices.

From our partner stages, performing arts are broadcasted live and available in the media library as video on demand.

As a member, you can download the free app and instantly watch a variety of stage performances on your smartphone.

If you are not yet a member, simply register and get started immediately with a free trial month our with our free content.

How does work?

Your membership gives you unlimited access to a wide range of stage performances for a small monthly fee.

With the app, you can watch as many stage shows as you want, any number of times, any time.

You can watch an ever-increasing number of live streamings and browse recordings

As a member, benefit from discounts and additional services at our partner locations.

With your subscription fee you support performing arts, artists, venues and stages.
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• Logo and Corporate Design Update
• Anonymous user support (purchase without creating account)
• Adds My Library section
• Add improved tabbed layout and minor UI tweaks
• Fix: In-App Translations
• Countdown for future live events
• Improved casting flow
• Improved and more reliable Downloads
• Migrate downloads from previous app versions
• Add author name to content page
• Improvements to performance and minor bug fixes