The objective in ApoSimple is to clear all the colored pieces to finish the level. Like the name, this game is simple but at the same time massively addictive.


ApoMono is a retro 8 bit puzzle game where you have to fold the screen and pick up blocks.

- unique gameplay
- 80 levels
- great 8 bit music
- ingame editor with upload function
- play levels created by other users

You like the game? Then please rate the game with 5 stars.
You have problems? You find a bug? Then please contact me: dirk.aporius@gmail.com


MyTreasure is a turn based puzzle platformer where you have to guide the hero to the treasure.

- more than 300 levels
- nice retro graphics
- a leveleditor with uploadfunction and an implemented solver for the created levels
- sweet sound effect and music

The graphics were made by tinytouchtales ( http://www.tinytouchtales.com/ ).

You find some bugs? You want that feature in that game? You have a question? Then please mail me: dirk.aporius@gmail.com


Are your ready for a real challenge for your brain? Then better play "ApoTurn" right now. Download this hidden champion. Believe me your brain will rotate!
It's a match 4 game with that certain twist. Easy to understand but hard to master.

Enjoy this great game for Android!



Who doesn't like sheep? They're soft and cuddly, and now they're on your phone.
Watch your cute sheep, dogs, bunny etc live their happy little lives as you go about your day and find the hidden features.

This is NOT a game, it is a live wallpaper.


ApoBubble is an innovative bubblegum-puzzle game.

- 30 original level
- sheeptastic graphic
- great music and sound
- ingame editor to make new levels and to publish them
- ingame tutorial

The sheep wolly loves to eat flowers. So please help Wolly to reach the flowers.
When there is no way then touch the dogs and the dogs will blow up bubblegums. So new ways will be created.
Sounds crazy? It is but funny. =)


ApoIcejumpSmart is the android version of ApoicejumpReloaded, a free, fast and fun little game where you must hustle your enemy into the water.
All you have to do is to survive und jump on the iceblocks or on the enemy. Sounds easy? It is and it's fun.
Give it a try. Perfect for a boring lesson in school or university =)

It's my first try and the game (at the moment) is very hardware-hungry. On a Samsung Galaxy 1 it works fine but on a wildfire it runs "crappy". I will try to fix it.


Started as a Java 4k game (http://www.apo-games.de/apoClock4k/), ApoClock is a great puzzle game that combines reflexes and planning in a unique package. When a level begins, a ball flies on screen and lands on one of the clocks. The hands of each clock are constantly spinning and when the ball touches it the hand starts drawing a red background. You must touch the screen somewhere to fire the ball in the direction the hand is pointing before the circle is complete. After you fire that clock disappears, so the goal is to lob the ball from clock to clock until the screen is clear.

Made with the great BitsEngine from my friend Marc.

- 30 puzzle levels
- Simple and stylish, and challenging
- arcarde mode - survive as long as you can and get the highest score
- easy to use editor with upload function
- play levels made by other users


ApoDice is a clever puzzle game with dices.

The number on the dice shows the count of possible moves.
Move each dice to a gray spot with no moves remaining.

- 30 levels
- ingame editor with upload function
- play the other user generated levels

Original idea and most of the levels were made by Ozzie Mercado.


You click on one tile, and then click on another to swap them. That's it ... with one little twist: the pieces will automatically scale to fit their current container.


ApoSnake is an awesome addictive puzzle game!

Your goal? Eat all the coins.
Sounds easy? It is.

- 30 level
- ingame editor with upload function
- play the levels created by other users