Times of Change: Book 1

· Obscure Lunar Publishing · Narrated by Troy Duran and Heather Firth
3 reviews
11 hr 27 min
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About this audiobook

When a wolf shifter was in a pack, they were ranked according to gender and power. Luckily for Tatum Roloff, she didn't have a pack. Or was it?

Tragedy befell her family, leaving her in charge. Being a unique female shifter with both submissive and dominant characteristics, Tatum stepped above the image of a male-led society. She learned to take charge and survive, placing her happiness on hold to be of service to her family.

When the time came to hunt for a pack, a plan formed to find a true mate.

The Green Lagoon Pack accepted her, but she found herself in conflict with the beta brothers. Cade hated her, and Luke maybe loved her.

Will Tatum be able to focus on her pack and find love, or will she let the shifters who hate her new female ranking destroy her chances of both love and service for her pack?

Ratings and reviews

3 reviews
Team Golfwell
April 14, 2021
I enjoyed reading “Times of Change: Book 1” by B. L. Dawn and, in my opinion, I felt this book was an intriguing, and thought-provoking experience for me, written by a creative writer who adds a new view to shifter romances as I liked the way she changed viewpoints as I read each chapter and it made this a highly entertaining read. I also felt the author writes the story in a very descriptive manner and leaves the reader to ponder exceedingly difficult questions. For example, here is a brief excerpt, “Running and progressively speeding up, Tatum tore through the woods like fire across burning coal. No one was there to slow her down. She glided over pine needles, jumped over logs, and twisted around trees. Water blocked her path. She skidded to a stop at the edge of a brook. Taking a drink of the cold water, she listened to the peaceful babbles of the water and the chirping of birds. “Shifting into human form, Tatum walked to the middle of the brook. The water rippled around her feet, and mud mushed between her toes. Walking further, she came to a deep section in the water. As she sat with her knees pulled into her chest, the water covered most of her body. Her knees pushed out of the water, and she laid her head down on them. There wasn’t much time before training, but she would stay for a little longer, letting nature’s beauty envelop her.” In my view, I felt this is an extraordinary and unique story. The author took me through the mind of the central character as she experiences a myriad of emotions when encountering unexpected events, other characters, and the mysterious nature and mixture of the others, and how she deals with it all. I found myself falling into the story and totally involved as the author arouses my interest leaving me wondering what is going to happen as I was drawn in. I also felt it was exciting, adventuresome, dramatic, highly romantic, mysterious, and enchanting. The author writes at an entertaining pace and keeps these enthralling character stories moving and highly emotional. The story also seemed to stay with me and left me wondering and I liked that. And all in all, I think this an exceptional book that is very well done. Highly recommended! It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this exceptional book.
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Heidi M.
April 13, 2021
OK WOW Troy Duran – That man could read me my old organic chemistry textbook and I’d be turned on. And I had to take that class three times to pass because I kept falling asleep. If Troy taught it, I wouldn’t have missed a SECOND! (oooo tell me more about isotopes). I was riveted to his voice and how he brought the male POV to life. He’s the perfect narrator for this Shifter romance. When he played Eli (a younger male) I wasn’t in the hot zone, but when he went to the males that were in the romantic scenes – WOWZERS! His voice really moderates from low and sexy, to well… sexy but narrating, if that makes sense. So, when it wasn’t a scene where he needed to pour on the heat, like with Eli who’s an 11th grader, I still thrilled at his wonderful voice, but it wasn’t sexual, if that makes sense. Honestly – Troy Duran… I need you to narrate my life. Heather, the female narrator, also does a good job. She does accents in the story which I found impressive. Overall this audiobook was well made and well put together. Review of the Book Itself: 4.5 STARS! This book is an immersive start into a series revolving around a central heroine Tatum Roloff. The series mostly features Tatum and her story arc, but it also jumps into different point of views as it follows her brothers, and the other shifters and characters she meets, in her journey to find a pack, and to find herself. The story starts with a bit of a prologue feel as Tatum relates what has happened to throw her, a shifter, into living most of her adult life in the human world. In this world, Shifters live only with Shifters in packs, usually in pretty remote locations. This Shifter hierarchy is also male dominated, which as a reader, was a little tough to take, in particular at the beginning of the book as you see Tatum as a bit of a blank canvas that has only self-sacrificed for the males in her life. It’s a bit frustrating that she hasn’t done much for herself (her brothers have hobbies and pursuits like karate and college, she does not). She won’t listen to her much wiser younger brother Eli (who I loved and can’t wait to see more of in continuing books) when he tells her she isn’t doing enough for herself. So, for me, it was a little tough to connect with Tatum at the beginning of the book. However, this book is called TIMES OF CHANGE for a reason, so you know things are coming in this series, and it will be exciting to see Tatum realize her potential and that the way things are now, does not mean that this is the way it should be. Hints of it occur in this book and you KNOW more is coming. The story really zipping at about the 25% mark when they start searching for a pack to join. Tatum likes living in the human world, but none of them have ever fit in and she realizes they need a pack. So, a pack they find. A lot of interesting and fun characters join up with Tatum and her family (brothers Eli and James, and Great Grandfather) and the twists and turns start from there, with conflict building at every step. You may be surprised with each chapter turn to see who gets a POV. Once I let go of the "traditional idea of a romance novel" and realized this was a totally different experience, I found this really cool. As the pack builds, you get to see how things are going from different people’s perspectives, you get to see other relationships that form. And some of the POV's that are given... may they be hints that this person may be featured with their own romance in a future book? If you are a fated mate trope fan, enjoy Shifters, and enjoy immersive large expanse stories, you will really enjoy this book. It isn’t a traditional romance because in addition to the central female main character romance you are going to get multiple romances, multiple POV’s and lots of different interconnecting characters in a fleshed-out Shifter Pack world. It’s fresh and interesting!
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December 15, 2021
What a great start to a new series! I enjoyed listening this audio book. The characters are engaging and amazing, the connection is undeniable throughout the book. The storyline flowed easily throughout the whole book. This was my first book from the author B. L. Dawn. and she is good at writing paranormal romance books, she wrote Tatum Roloff in a way that Tatum Roloff has became a likable character for me. B. L. Dawn also gives enough time to other characters as well, would like to know more about those characters in the upcoming books. About narration both Troy Duran and Heather Firth were good at narration, they were able to maintain consistency throughout the book which made this book pleasant to listen to. This is one of the easiest 5/5 ratings I’ve ever given. I liked everything about this audio book.
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