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Informacje o aplikacji

Manage your Amazon business on the go with Amazon Seller! Analyze your sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and quickly respond to customer questions. Capture and edit professional quality product photos and create listings right from your mobile device!

The Amazon Seller app helps you:

• Analyze your sales. Tap a bar in the sales chart to see a breakdown of sales by ASIN and tap a specific ASIN to review its sales trend.
• Fix critical issues. Quickly act on critical pricing opportunities, inventory alerts and growth opportunities from Amazon Selling Coach.
• Manage your inventory. Easily update your prices and available quantities.
• Access Sponsored Products. Monitor performance and manage existing Sponsored Products campaigns.
• Manage your orders. Get notified when your product sells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments.
• Manage your returns. Authorize or close returns, issue refunds, and modify returns settings.
• View next payment balance. See how much and when you’ll be paid by Amazon.
• Respond to messages. Numbers that appear next to Communications inform you of how many customer messages await a response. Use customizable email templates to reply even faster to common customer inquiries.
• Capture and edit professional quality product photos using the Photo Studio.
• Create new offers to existing products and create new catalog products to sell on Amazon.
• Find new products to sell. Search with visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes. Check current prices, sales rank, competing offers, estimated profitability, and customer reviews.
• Share the app with your team and have more attention on your business. User permissions set on Seller Central also apply in the app.
• Have a question about selling on Amazon? Use the app to contact Seller Support.

• An Amazon Seller account
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19 maj 2022

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127 tys. opinii
8 listopada 2021
Ja nie wiem jak na zachodzie Europy 80% ludzi korzysta z Amazona jak to jest tak archaiczne i tak umysłowo ograniczona platforma jak Allegro było 20 lat temu. Jest dwie dekady za Allegro zarówno wizualnie jak i usługowo.
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Wrsa Rap
18 listopada 2021
Super jest
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23 marca 2021
Not working after last update
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