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Previously Bonnet, now acquired by OVO.

Voted Best Electric Car App 2023 for savings, reliability & coverage!

Our award winning EV charging app integrates more than 400,000 public charging points across the UK and Europe, so you have electric car charging coverage wherever you drive.

Find chargers near you, filter based on your car’s requirements, start your charge and pay for all your EV charging within OVO Charge, at the charging network’s rate - or save money with a Boost discount.

24/7 live updates on every charger from more than 600 of Europe’s best charging networks means you won’t be turning up to unusable or unreliable chargers.

**Key Features**
- Live reliability on over 400,000 EV chargers
- Top coverage - access chargers from more than 600 charging networks in 11 European countries
- Save money on every charge with Boosts
- Pay the charging network’s rate or better with Boosts!
- Redeem weekly rewards and convert to charging credit, meaning cheaper charging
- Reliable, customisable route planning across the UK & Europe
- See if a charger is unavailable in real time
- In-app support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with our incredible Customer Support team

- Turbo charge your electric charge experience with a Boost subscription!
- Our monthly membership means you save money, and you earn rewards for charging your electric car
- From £2/month you get guaranteed savings on the PAYG displayed rate and rewards exclusive to Boost members

We have two membership options available.

*Light Boost*
- Save 10% on every OVO Charge charge
- Access Boost-exclusive rewards
- Average savings of £151 per year
- Live charging status updates, penalty fee warnings & more!
- £2/month
- Cancel anytime

*Turbo Boost*
- Save 15% on every OVO Charge charge
- Access Boost-exclusive rewards
- Average savings of £227 per year
- Live charging status updates, penalty fee warnings & more!
- Our fully customisable electric car route planner
- £8/month
- Cancel anytime

- Earn up to £20 charging credit for every eight reward points you collect. Rewards are earned by completing in-app actions, such as opinion surveys, and adding your username.
- Boost members can earn extra Boost-exclusive weekly rewards for charging to get even cheaper EV charging with OVO Charge.

**Charging Networks on OVO Charge - Powered by Bonnet**
We are partnered with more than 600 charging networks in Europe
- Ionity
- Shell Ubitricity
- Wenea
- Compleo
- EnBW
- Source London
- FastNed
- Total Energies
- GeniePoint
- Alfa Power
- Allego
- Char. gy
- EVBox
- RAW Charging (formerly Franklin Energy)
- Osprey Rapid Charging Network
- Plug-N-Go
- Shell Recharge
- BP Europe
- Lidl
- EWE Go
- Free2x
- EnelX
- BeCharge
- Connected Kerb
- Compleo
- Ladenetz
- Electric 55
- Stromnetz Hamburg
- Longship
- PowerDot

OVO Charge is available for charging you electric vehicle in 11 countries across Europe:
- The UK
- Germany
- The Netherlands
- Belgium
- France
- Luxembourg
- Spain
- Italy
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Austria

**Charging for fleets**
We offer services for fleets of electric cars and vans.

We do the hard work to keep fleet charging and management easy with Dash.
Manage your drivers and fleet from one dashboard.
- One simple monthly fee
- HMRC & VAT compliant
- Data for ESG reporting
- Access to the largest and most reliable public charging network at PAYG rates - no hidden fees!

Make OVO Charge your own with our white-label solution.
- Integrate OVO Charge into your own business’ app
- Customise the UX to fit you and your drivers’ needs
- Monitor usage and analyse charging data
- No-faff billing

Join our network of over 100,000 drivers and access 400K+ chargers in Europe! The most simple and reliable charging is one click away. Download OVO Charge today.
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- Added a new flow for Fleet drivers to onboard
- Minor bug fixes