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With this app, you can check the GPS reception in your area and update AGPS data for faster fix times, whilst being able to view other GPS and sensor data. The app acts as a one-stop place for viewing: your altitude, accurate UTC plus local time, your compass heading, the moon phase and daylight hours. It supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, BEIDOU and QZSS satellites. The app has various different colour schemes which can be changed according to your tastes, including a night mode. The colour schemes can also be used to match other instrumentation alongside the app.

GPS Test has six different screens:

•GPS signal (SNR) bar chart, showing the signal strength for each satellite, as well as the accuracy and status of the GNSS network

•Satellite positions in the sky (sky view) shown on a rotating compass

•Your current location on the earth shown as text and on a world map. The current position of the sun and the day/night transition curve is also shown


•Your current speed, heading and altitude are shown as text

•The current time read from the GPS and the local time in your current time zone, as well as the sunrise and sunset times at your location

Coordinate Grids supported by GPS Test:
OSGB, UTM, MGRS, USNG, CH1903, Maidenhead

Datums supported by GPS Test:
WGS84, NAD83, NAD27, ED50, AGD66, AGD84, SAD69 plus more

The app is compatible with all screen resolutions from phones to large tablets

If you like this app, check out GPS Test Plus, the enhanced features include:

* Simple Navigation.
* Location Sharing (email, SMS, Twitter etc.)
* Dials (Altimeter, Speedo and Compass)
* 7 segment LED font
* Dot Matrix font
*HUD mode

Alternatively, this free app contains in-app purchases to upgrade its current features when you need that little bit extra

Check us out on all of our platforms to find out more and keep up to date:

Twitter: @chartcross

Instagram: @gps.test


* Internet permissions are only required for analytics and advertising, the app will work without a WIFI or data connection.
5. 8. 2020

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70 tis. recenzií
Milan Kevély
16. decembra 2021
Please add options export Saved locations to simple CSV (for import to Excel)
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jan jan
11. júla 2021
Veľmi dobrá infomácia už dlhé roky ™
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27. apríla 2021
Nice app, thank you
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Calibration page and badging.
New Analog compass widget.
Classic compass pointer points North.
Dashboard page defaults to digital panels.
Full screen field long press bug-fix.
AGPS update error bug-fix.
Screen editor now has date field widget as option.