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EnBW mobility+ is the smart all-in-one solution for your eMobility. Our Electric Vehicle (EV) copilot offers three functions in one app:

1. Easily find charging stations nearby
2. Charge your EV while simultaneously paying for it
3. Take EVs for virtual test drives


Find the nearest charging stations in your area. It doesn’t matter if your EV trip leads you to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or other neighboring countries in Europe – with the EnBW mobility+ App you can easily find the next charging station in our widespread charging network. Thanks to a multitude of EnBW chargers and roaming partners you can reliably reach any destination with your EV. Our interactive map makes it easy for you to find free charging stations for electric cars in your area.
Simple. Charge and pay.

Goodbye to various charging cards - with the EnBW mobility+ app, you can conveniently start the charging process for your EV and, if you wish, pay directly via your smartphone. Basically, set up your EnBW mobility+ account and choose one of our specialized mobility tariffs. You can switch between our tariffs at any time to accommodate your needs. Now all you have to do is select a payment method and you’re ready to go! Use your app to monitor your charging progress and stop the charge once you have enough energy for your trip.
Reliable. Always stay informed.

Stay up to date with both your charging history and your charging costs. Review and check all your bills at any time. As one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany, the transparency and reliability of our services are important to us at EnBW mobility+.

Testing. Find your ideal electric vehicle.

Are you considering making the leap into electric mobility, but not quite sure yet? Find out by using your combustion engine car to virtually test drive an EV of your liking – why not try out a Tesla? Start the simulation in your EnBW mobility+ App. Choose from a comprehensive pool of all currently available EVs to find the perfect electric ride for your mobility profile. From a compact Renault ZOE or the classic BMW i3 to a fancy Tesla Model S – take your time to make in-depth comparisons of different cars and how they match your profile.
At a glance:

• Choose from all electric vehicles currently available
• Simulate an EV drive with your conventional car
• See if the tested car fits your needs or find a better match based on the result of your simulation.

Help us to improve and send your comments and feedback to mobility@enbw.com!

Thank you for your support!
Ride on!
P.S. Never use our app whilst driving. Always respect the traffic regulations and drive responsibly.
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3 aug. 2022

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Veiligheid van gegevens begint met inzicht in de manier waarop ontwikkelaars je gegevens verzamelen en delen. Procedures voor gegevensprivacy en beveiliging kunnen variëren op basis van je gebruik, regio en leeftijd. De ontwikkelaar heeft deze informatie aangeleverd en kan die in de loop van de tijd updaten.
Deze app kan deze typen gegevens delen met derden
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