Remote Keyboard

Tired of onscreen keyboards? Rather want to type your SMS messages on your desktop keyboard than on your phone? Then Remote Keyboard is the app for you!

Remote Keyboard allows you to connect your desktop computer's keyboard via wlan (can be forwarded over USB via ADB) to your android device and control it comfortably through any telnet client.

* Copy&Paste text from Droid to PC and vice versa.
* Share text with the app to automatically send it to the client.
* Emoji support through word substitution (requires a Jelly Bean device with the according fonts; Definition lists available on the website).
* Build in ROT13 scrambler.
* Put favorite apps on Speeddial (launch them with the function keys).
* Password protection

After installing the Remote Keyboard on your device, you must enable it as an input method. The app will guide you through the process.

On the PC side, you will need a telnet client to make the connection. Telnet comes pre installed on all major operation systems. Windows users (Vista and later), however, need to explicitly enable it via the control panel or (preferably) install a 3rd party telnet client like PuTTY.

Remote Keyboard is free and open source software. For more information, sideloading options or to spend me a coffee, please visit my website.

Sensor Readout

Provides low level access to the devices sensors. Readout is presented in a graph for easy side by side comparison with other devices.

Sensor Readout is open source software. See website for details and to submit a feature request.

* Touch desired sensor on the list screen in order to start the readout. Long touch the sensor to show it's details. Use "Back" to close the details dialog again.

* On readout view, touching the graph will stop the sensor from being read out. After stopping, the graph can be scrolled and or panned by a drag or pinch gesture. To restart the readout, return to the main sensor list and select the sensor again.

Sensor Readout is free and open source software. For more information, sideloading options or to leave a tip, please visit my website.

Text Fiction

Bored of runner games? Tired of farming coins? Ready for entertainment that focus on depth and story instead of mindless and repetitive button mashing? Want a "on the go" game that resistant against interruptions?

Then welcome to the world of Interactive Fiction (aka Text Adventures)! Here every game is a story waiting to unfold as you guide your alter ego by texting where to go and what to do next.

Text Fiction is a Z-Machine story interpreter (aka terp) with a modern, SMS style user interface for playing Z-Code games like the famous Zork triology. Hundreds of free stories, ranging from fantasy over horror to science fiction are available for download.

* Plays z3, z5 and z8 games (may be wrapped in zblorb)
* Unique, instant messanger like user interface
* Configurable quick command keys to cut down on typing (long press to modify).
* Copy&Paste words to the prompt from the chat bubbles by tapping them
* Clear words from the prompt by double tapping a chatbubble.
* Nightmode ("Lucy" / "Mina" colorscheme)
* Stories can be read out loud via TTS engine (long touch a bubble to start, touch to stop).
* Ability to customize font and fontsize.
* Touch sensitive borders/corners for moving in the designated cardinal direction (may be fiddly on small screens).
* Saving/Restoring from the menu (will NOT work via commands).

This app is free and open source software. For more information, sideloading options or to leave a tip, please visit my website.

List My Apps

Question: Hi, I'm new to Android. Which apps must I absolutely have?
Answer: Uhm, give me a minute to pen down the list (again)

Ever found yourself in this situation? Your friend, uncle, aunt, etc. recently converted to Android and you, being the local tech guru, are now suppose to tell them what to download?

Sifting through the app drawer is a hassle. What should you recommend? Why? and most importantly: how? A list with appname, market link and optionally a comment would be great, but is no fun to compile manually.
With List My Apps, the task becomes as easy as checking the app(s) you want to recommend and sharing them as:

• Plain text
• HTML list (e.g. for blog comments)
• BBCode list (used by many forums)
• Markdown list (e.g. for Reddit)
• Market URL (e.g. for direct sharing via barcode scanner app)
• Any custom format, defined through the build-in template editor.

Interested in discovering new apps yourself? List My Apps also includes a quid-pro-quo social sharing feature: just select some apps, hit "browse" and trade your recommendation for someone elses!

Pocket Bandit Slot Machine

Retro style, three reels, ten stops slotmachine with comic skin. Pocketbandit
is modeled after the classic, mechanical fruitmachines of the early 20th
centuries and emulates devices such as:

* Mills Novelty QT Chevron
* Mills Novelty Vestpocket
* Groetchen IMP trade simulator
* Pace Comet
* Liberty Bell

Unlike the slotmachines, it is modeled after, PocketBandit also includes
elements of skilled and strategic play:

* Spin the reels at different speeds by pulling the knob at different
* Stop a reel at will by yanking the knob up.
* Wager zero to three coins per round.
* Use no-wager rounds to skip over bad luck streaks.

No ads, no tracking, no privacy invasion! PocketBandit is free to use and
open source. Details and an APK for side loading can found on the website.
Tips (via paypal) are welcome, as are bugreports and feature requests!

Drudgery (Dashclock Extension)

Stuck in a dull job you hate? Constantly checking the clock, counting the minutes till closing time?

Drudgery is a work motivator for the home- and lockscreen (either standalone or as an extension to the popular Dashclock Widget), offering the following features:

* Countdown till closing time
* Money earned today
* Up to three configurable shifts (swipe the speechbubble)
* Lunch break alarm
* Drudge Quest! The not to serius, game for in between. Play as an anonymous employee of Drudge corp. who has to pull through the day without meeting the boss.

Drudgery is free and open source software. For more information or to leave a tip, please visit the website.