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Pocket Casts is the world's most powerful podcast platform, an app by listeners, for listeners. Our podcast player provides next-level listening, search and discovery tools. Find your next obsession with our hand curated podcast recommendations for easy discovery, and seamlessly enjoy your favorite shows without the hassle of subscribing.

Here’s what the press has to say:
Android Central: “Pocket Casts is the best podcast app for Android”
The Verge: “The best podcast app for Android”
Named Google Play Top Developer, Google Play Editors’ Choice, and recipient of the Google Material Design Award.

Still not convinced? Allow us to walk you through some of our features:

Material design: Your podcasts have never looked so beautiful, colors change to complement podcast artwork
Themes: Whether you're a dark or light theme person we've got you covered. We even have you OLED lovers covered with our Extra Dark theme.
Everywhere: Android Auto, Chromecast, Alexa and Sonos. Listen to your podcasts in more places than ever before.

Up next: Automatically build a playback queue from your favorite shows. Sign in and have that Up Next queue sync to all your devices.
Trim silence: Cut silences from episodes so you finish them faster, saving hours.
Variable speed: Change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 3x.
Volume boost: Increase the volume of voices, while decreasing background noise.
Stream: Play episodes on the fly.
Chapters: Jump between chapters easily, and enjoy embedded artwork that the author has added (we support MP3 and M4A chapter formats).
Audio & video: Play all of your favorite episodes, toggle video to audio.
Skip playback: Skip episode intros, jump through episodes with custom skip intervals.
Android Wear: Control playback from your wrist.
Sleep timer: We'll pause your episode so you can rest your weary head.
Chromecast: Cast episodes straight to your TV with a single tap.
Sonos: Browse and play your podcasts directly from the Sonos app.
Android Auto: browse your podcasts and filters to find an interesting episode, then control playback. All without ever touching your phone.

Sync: Subscriptions, Up Next, listening history, playback and filters are all securely stored in the cloud. You can pick up where you left off on another device and even the web.
Refresh: Let our servers check for new episodes, so you can get on with your day.
Notifications: We'll let you know when new episodes arrive, if you like.
Auto download: Automatically download episodes for offline playback.
Filters: Custom filters will organize your episodes.
Storage: All the tools you need to keep your podcasts tamed.

Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more. Browse by charts, networks and categories.
Share: Spread the word with podcast and episode sharing.
OPML: Jump on board without any hassle with OPML import. Export your collection at any time.

There are many more powerful, straight-forward features that make Pocket Casts the perfect podcasting app for you. So what are you waiting for?

Visit pocketcasts.com for more info about the web and other platforms supported by Pocket Casts.
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71.800 Rezensionen
Markus Schuckert
18. Juni 2022
Gute Podcast App. Allerdings hätte ich gerne noch Statistiken pro Podcast. Also wie viel der Jeweilige einnimmt an der Gesamthördauer. Und halt wie viel übersprungen, gekürzt etc. pro Podcast. Was mir dann noch fehlt ist eine erweiterte Sortieroption für Filter und die Warteschlange. Von einigen Podcasts will ich nur das Neueste in die Warteschlange haben, von Anderen alle Folgen. Und innerhalb der Warteschlange zb nach Erscheinen sortieren. Das geht leider ohne Weiteres so einfach nicht.
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Mario Mühlberger
29. Mai 2022
Fand die App bisher sehr gut. Aber seit kurzem bekomme ich Werbung die viel zu laut ist. Bekomm jedesmal fast einen Herzkasperl wenn die einsetzt. Wenn das so bleibt, wird sie definitiv ersetzt.
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Automattic, Inc
27. Juni 2022
Hi, Mario! That doesn't sound good at all! Unfortunately, the ads are out of our control. These are inserted by the podcast authors themselves, often based on IP addresses. If you notice the very loud ad only in a specific podcast, you may want to advise the podcast author so they can make changes on their end.
Michael G.
25. Juni 2022
Übersichtliches Design. Gute Multiplattform-Podcast App, nur in Englisch verfügbar. Insgesamt sicher die beste App, wenn man auf mehreren Plattformen zu Hause ist. Ich habe sie sehr oft in Verwendung. Nutze auch gerne den Web Player am Desktop. Lässt kaum Wünsche offen (Suche könnte besser sein). Stille automatisch entfernen, Lautstärke anheben, Sleep timer etc.
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Ever get the impression we slipped into the Bad Timeline sometime around 2020? Anyone here work at the TVA and can get on that? We'd be forever indebted to you, don't even care if you're the god of mischief or a gator, whatevs! K thx. In the meantime:
- Fixed some crashes
- Improved localizations
- Fixed an issue where playback could jump back after a refresh
- Fixed some issues with account screens and auto-fill (eg: password managers)