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Dr Sebi Approved Fasting: Cleanse, Revitalize, and Heal Your Body Through Dr. Sebi’s Recommended Method of Intra-cellular Fasting.

Learn how to fast the Dr. Sebi approved way!

Have you tried fasting on your own in the past and did not see any result?!

Discover how you can lose weight, remove mucus, and cure many malignant diseases with Dr. Sebi Approved intra-Cellular Fasting Method.

In this book, no longer will you be aimlessly searching the internet for a Dr. Sebi fasting method book. We have compiled Dr. Sebi’s approved way of fasting to cleanse, revitalize, and heal your body. Dr. Sebi’s approved way of fasting is simple, and best of all compliant with Dr. Sebi’s fasting regimen to a healthier body . You’ll be able to open up the book, and feel great knowing that you’ll be eliminating herpes, diabetes, impotency, and many more malignant diseases by just following Dr. Sebi approved fasting method. Download: Dr. Sebi Approved Fasting: Cleanse, Revitalize, and Heal the Human Body Through Dr. Sebi Recommended Method of Intra-cellular Fasting.

Inside You Will Discover...

*Dr. Sebi Recommended Intra-Cellular fasting Method

*Dr. Sebi’s approved nutritional food guide

*Cleansing Herbs to assist in the cleansing stage of fasting

*Revitalizing Herbs to bring back nutrients after the cleansing stage

*Do’s and Don’ts when handling natural herbs

*Dr. Sebi Proven results studies to his healing method

*Plus much, much, more!

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The world keeps changing extremely fast, but in times of abundance and scarcity, under revolutions or wars, many have prospered. And they did so by looking at the patterns of reality. They understood these Divine Patterns and used them to achieve their personal goals.

The patterns have been kept secret for thousands of years in religious books, manuscripts and even fairytales, under allegories and metaphors meant to hide them in plain sight.

The enlightened ones — those who can see, called that Sacred Geometry, in a direct reference to the Creator. They then studied the nature of life through the art of the Almighty God, the Master Architect of the Universe. For “The secret of the occult sciences is that of nature itself” (Albert Pike, Freemason).

They discovered that there is only one Truth, one God and one religion, despite the many branches characterizing the impulses of the masses.

They also saw that this Truth is manifested by the highest moral state, from which the highest wisdom is received. That is when “the half-told story comes to be finished” (Arthur Conan Doyle, Freemason). 

The one who completes these studies becomes a master of the craft, for he possesses the capacity to alter reality with his mind, and create new worlds like a mason or builder. He becomes both aware and responsible of what he experiences, as much as he is made able to transition to new momentums and alter the future. For “When the Mason learns that the key is a proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of the craft” (Manly P. Hall, Freemason).

This great secret was reorganized here to show you exactly how to experience it, and despite the many attempts of others to remove this knowledge from the public eye.

This information comes now as a great opportunity for you to transcend into a new perspective on the attraction of wealth.

The Bestselling Potty Training Book Used by Millions of ParentDo you want to potty train your child in a weekend with stress, mess or anxiety?Do you have limited time for potty training and want to get everything done in three days or less?Have you already tried to potty train your child and everything you tried just didn’t seem to work?Are you ready to show off your potty-trained child?
Do you want a guide that:
Takes you through the entire potty training process step-by-step from preparation to celebration?Answers all your questions and breaks through all the myths and misconceptions out there?Prepares you for every accident, mishap, and eventuality?Teaches your child how to use the potty without expensive toys, complicated systems or sugary rewards?After years of work as a private potty training coach, Jennifer Nicole is finally ready to reveal her secrets to potty training your child in 3 days. Many children learn potty training in less than a day. Each child is unique, and Jennifer’s system is designed to help every child get ready to use the potty. Whether you are potty training boys or potty training girls, this guide is perfect for you. Jennifer has experience with both!

Potty Training in 3 Days:Answers the age-old question of potty seat or potty chairGuides you in developing your personal potty languageTeaches your child the potty without breaking the bank with silly bells and whistlesMakes your child feel comfortable on the pottyHelps your child turn accidents into fun learning experiencesShows you how to give your child the correct praise so that they love the pottyLet’s your child go on trips without accidentsRemoves the fear and trepidation that parents and toddlers alike face in the bathroom…
Jennifer also covers everything you need to know to continue your potty success after you potty train in a weekend– from trips to the mall to visiting your relatives.

This book covers every step of the great potty training adventure. From choosing the right tools and strategies all the way through dealing with regression when the next child is born.

You do not need to waste hours reading conflicting advice on flashy websites. This book will provide you a simple path to releasing your child from diapers forever.

Many parents use this book to potty train in an afternoon. This book has every single tool, answer and piece of information you need to toilet train your child without stress or anxiety. Jennifer saves you time and money by providing a system that works fast and DOESN’T come with a massive shopping list.

Do you want to celebrate with your child in less than three days?
Do you want to clap proudly as your little angel says goodbye to diapers?

Then stop reading this description and start potty training your child.
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"This was one fantastic read! A really fascinating story which I couldn't put down, so this is easily a 5 stars. Isn't there a 6 star option?" ~ reviewer Corazie 

"Excellent read that sucks you in till the end" ~ reviewer Moon Cat 

"Fantastic Gothic Mystery." ~ reviewer Karen Fowler 


Cara Moreau is dying from a supernatural curse. Her only chance of survival lies with the warrior, an enigmatic man who comes from a realm "in between." Quin St. Clair lived hundreds of years ago, but now exists solely to protect the world he once called home. That's all he will tell Cara, the woman he must keep alive by remaining close to her. Very close.

But Cara is determined to discover more answers as she grows to like her warrior. While they search for the book of spells and the cure contained within its pages, their feelings for one another can no longer be denied. But what will happen when Cara is cured and Quin's assignment is complete? And can she trust this mysterious man with the book if they find it?

As friends and family from the previous Freak House novels help them, and old and new foes vie for power, Quin and Cara must not allow their feelings to get in the way of their task. Or Cara's life, and Quin's afterlife, may be cut short.

GHOST GIRL is the start of the 3rd Freak House Trilogy. You do not have to read the 1st and 2nd trilogies to enjoy the 3rd. 

Keywords: ghosts, spirits, paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, historical fantasy, victorian era, victorian historical romance, interracial, diverse, demons, mediums, historical paranormal, woman of color

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