Internal app sharing

Quickly share app bundles and APKs with your internal team using a link

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Iterate on early stages of your app

Save time by uploading test builds and generate a downloadable link without needing access to the production or upload key

Re-use existing version codes

Your version codes don't need to be unique, and you can even upload debuggable artifacts

Control who accesses

Manage access with an email allow list or allow anyone with the link to download

Best practices

  • Add internal colleagues as authorized testers or make your app available to anyone with a link

  • If an app isn’t available for a user on Google Play, then they won’t be able to download it using internal app testing. For testers to be able to download your internal app, they need to have access to your app’s store listing on Google Play.

  • If you've reached the maximum number of testers (100) with your internal app sharing link, generate a new download link to share with additional testers by uploading the same app bundle or APK

  • Generate a new internal app sharing link once the 60 day expiration has passed by uploading the same app bundle or APK and generating a new link

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"With the internal app sharing, our productivity increased in both dev and QA side."

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Try Internal app sharing

Quickly share test builds with colleagues and your QA team through a downloadable link

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