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Accelerate your user growth with our reporting and optimization tools, including unique market insights exclusive to Google Play

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Optimize your marketing and product roadmaps by understanding what your audience is searching for, where your most valuable users come from, and who uninstalls your Google Play app

Learn what works

Experiment with your store listing to find the description and assets that drive the most installs and highest retention

Go global

Use country-specific custom store listings, translation services, and data-driven insights to make your app or game more appealing and accessible to users around the world

  • Make your app available internationally, and optimize for specific markets with our Go Global insights

  • Maximize your reach with global audiences by localizing your app strings and store listings with our translation services

  • Customize your store listing to specific user groups by country to highlight the most relevant features and updates

  • Optimize your app for emerging markets with low and no-bandwidth connectivity and low-cost devices by reviewing the Build for Billions best practices

  • Drive installs by monitoring and optimizing app size

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