Promotional content

Boost awareness of your in-app events, offers, and major updates to targeted user groups and countries across the Play Store to improve engagement, monetization, and lifetime value

Thank you for your interest, registration for the beta is closed

What is promotional content?

Promotional content is a self-service merchandising unit in the Play Store that surfaces limited-time events, offers, and major updates for your app or game. Developers in our beta program can submit content to help drive re-installs and increase engagement.

Our internal analysis shows that promotional content drives 5% more 28-day active users and 4% higher revenue for developers using the feature than those that do not.

  • Offers: Any in-app content discounts, value-add bonuses, or rewards

  • Events: Non-offer, time-limited events happening in your app or game such as tournaments, challenges, player vs. environment events, player vs. player events, or co-op/alliance events (without an offer or reward)

  • Major updates: Significant updates with new gameplay features, content drops, or major in-app products like battle or season passes

  • Pre-registration announcements: Keep pre-registered users excited and informed about new content, instant app demos, milestone rewards progress, or global release announcements

Where is promotional content displayed on the Play Store?

We're continuously optimizing our algorithm to display the most relevant promotional content so not all users will see the same events.
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