Promotional content

Boost awareness of your in-app events, offers, and major updates to targeted user groups and countries across the Play Store to improve engagement, monetization, and lifetime value

What is promotional content?

Promotional content are self-serve merchandising units on Google Play that feature fresh and timely content such as special offers, limited-time events, new content, and major updates.

These events help you to engage with users outside of your app and drive them to open or reinstall your app or take advantage of offers such as discounts or special deals for new buyers.

Our internal analysis shows that promotional content drives 2% more 28-day active users and 4% higher revenue for developers using the feature than those that do not.

Running high-quality and frequent promotional content is an important signal to Google Play that you invest in your app and may make you eligible for further featuring across Google Play.

  • Offers: In-app content discounts, value-add bonuses, or rewards

  • Time-limited events:

    • Competitions and challenges: Events where people compete for rewards, rankings, or to achieve a specific goal

    • Real-time: Live streaming content such as a sports match or concert

    • Special: Any other type of time-limited event

  • Major updates:

    • Features and announcements: A significant update with new capabilities, such as "Now with multiplayer mode" or "New video editing tools available"

    • Content: Newly created or newly available content, such as on-demand shows, movies, performances, music, game levels, or characters

    • Pre-registration update: Informs pre-registered users of new content, instant app demos, milestone progress, or global release announcements

Where is promotional content displayed on the Play Store?

Our algorithm is optimized to display the most relevant promotional content, so not all users will see the same events.

Getting started

Promotional content is currently in beta for a limited number of developers who meet our reach, relevance, and quality criteria. We will be rolling out promotional content to more developers soon.

Take our Play Academy courses to learn the best practices for submitting and managing your promotional content.

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