Android Performance Tuner

Get game performance insights that help you deliver the best possible user experience by optimizing frame rate stability, loading time, and fidelity across devices

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Monitor your users’ experience

Track your game’s performance on actual user devices in the real world

Diagnose performance issues

Narrow down the root cause of issues, from game-specific problems to device spec or device models, quality levels, and more

Get the most out of every device

Understand when devices are able to support a higher fidelity or frame rate

Best practices

  • Unlock performance insights by integrating Android Performance Tuner (APT)

  • Validate your integration by publishing your title to internal users before releasing to external users

  • Check your game’s launch readiness by using APT during closed or open testing

  • Monitor your frame rate stability to maintain at least 30fps

  • Set effective loading time targets by understanding your user abandonment

  • Get more specific performance insights by labeling parts of your code

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