Google Play Points

Google Play Points is a program that rewards users for engaging with the Play ecosystem. Selected developers are invited to provide app specific Play Points promotions which provide even greater rewards, increasing user retention and reinvestment of points within their app.

How it works

  • Users earn points on their purchase with Google Play, including in-app items, movies, books, and more, and by trying featured free apps and games

  • Users redeem points for special in-app items offered by developers, or for Google Play Credit to rent the latest movie or buy a best-selling audiobook

  • Level up from Bronze to Platinum to earn points faster and earn weekly prizes

Developer benefits

  • Access highly qualified members

    Increase user engagement and re-engagement and showcase your game to a wider audience by connecting our most engaged audiences with content and offers

  • Earn incremental revenue from Google Play

    Participating developers saw revenue uplift as high as 30%

  • Drive marketing and awareness

    Unlock new promotional channels to support both new and mature titles through points multiplier promotions fully funded by Google

Play Console Integration

We have simplified the developer experience by integrating Play Points into the Play Console

  • Change & manage offers from the convenience of your own Play Console account

  • Select your desired market participation as we expand the program globally

  • Eliminate paper contracts with click to accept program terms

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Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the Google Play Points program available?

    The program is live in the following markets: Japan, Korea, US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ireland, South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Israel, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Poland andCzechia

  • What are a developer’s options for participating in the program?

    Developers can offer users in-app product items or discounted game coupons in return for their accrued points.

  • Will participating impact my sales?

    Participating developers saw revenue uplift as high as 30%

  • What engineering or operational efforts are required by developers?

    No development work is required for coupons - once the required details are submitted, they will go live in the next 24 hours on the Play Points 'Earn' tab. In-app items require some technical development after the promotion details are submitted in the console - you can find more information on this process and what will be required here.

  • What are the benefits of the Google Play Points Play Console integration?

    Integrating with the Play Console allows us to expedite the setup and contracting processes, increase transparency and control over exchange content offer management, and enable participation in Play Points market expansion.

  • How do I set up items and coupons?

    After becoming whitelisted for the program, you will receive a full integration guide on how to set up in-game items and coupons, as well as how to integrate these into your games.

  • How do I set a value for my items?

    For coupons, developers choose from a list of pre-populated values we maintain. For in-app purchases, they choose a managed product, then select a discount, generally from 40% - 99%.

  • How are points re-invested in a signed partner’s game?

    Program-wide, we have seen in previous analysis that 70%+ of points earned within a signed partner’s game are re-invested in that same game.

Get started with Google Play Points

The program currently works on an invitation basis only. We are currently focused on adding more game developers to the program and have future plans to accept apps. To express interest, please fill out the form below. It might take us a few months to respond and we cannot guarantee everyone’s participation.

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