Release with confidence

Make your app launch a success with tools and strategies to help publish, manage, and distribute your app worldwide

Troubleshoot before launch

Robust testing tools and pre-launch reports help you identify technical issues so you can address them before your app is released

  • Quickly share app bundles and APKs with up to 100 testers for initial quality assurance checks using internal testing

  • Get early feedback on new or updated builds of your app from a wider set of trusted testers using closed testing

  • Gather private feedback from a large group by surfacing your app's test version on Google Play with open testing

  • Learn about your app's stability, performance, and more with pre-launch reports or use Firebase test lab for additional options

  • Plan and prepare for app review times, as certain categories of apps may be subjected to longer review times

  • Stay up to date on Google Play policies to avoid violations in policy status

Minimize rollout risk

Use our built-in testing tools and staged rollouts to catch potential issues before they affect more users

  • Choose exactly when your app updates are published so you can align with ad campaigns or other launch events using managed publishing

  • Minimize risk with a staged rollout to a percentage of users so you can monitor performance and feedback

  • Review your app’s performance across a range of technical quality metrics including crash rate, ANR rate, excessive wakeups, and more with Android vitals

  • Once your app is live, identify issues quickly with customized stability and performance metrics with Firebase Crashlytics and Performance monitoring

Launch your store listing

Your app's store listing is your first opportunity to make a good impression with users and is crucial for app discovery

  • Increase discoverability by optimizing your graphic assets, screenshots, and video to provide a clear and accurate representation of your app experience

  • Help Google Play promote your app properly by providing accurate categorization and content rating

  • Capture early consumer interest and accelerate launch performance with a pre-registration campaign and app campaign to drive installs and in-app conversions

  • Maximize your reach with global audiences by localizing your app strings and store listings with our translation services

  • Appeal to specific user segments by tailoring your app’s store listing to countries that you select, or even your pre-registration campaign, with custom store listings

  • A/B test different versions of your listing page amongst actual Google Play users by running store listing experiments

Review guidance for your first app launch

Get familiarized with our quality guidelines and developer policies to ensure a smooth launch

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