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Discover our dedicated programs, designed specifically for indie game developers, that will help you create great games and grow on Google Play.

Indie Games Accelerator

The Indie Games Accelerator is an online education and mentorship program for high potential indie game studios that are looking to supercharge their growth on Android and Google Play.

If you are a small game studio looking to learn how to grow a games company alongside a global community of passionate game developers, this is the program for you.

Indie Games Fund

The Indie Games Fund awards $2 million in cash funding — without giving up equity in return — along with hands-on support to selected small games studios based in Latin America, to help them build and grow their businesses on Google Play.

Indie Games Festival

The Indie Games Festival is a competition for high quality indie games that are ready for the spotlight. Finalists and winners are awarded promotions and exclusive prizes that will boost their discoverability.

Indie Games Groups

This Discord-based community program is designed to help indie game developers meet experienced technology experts, influencers, thought leaders and other developers with similar interests.

Indie Corner

The Indie Corner is a dedicated section on Google Play highlighting new and innovative games created by indie game developers like you. We're always looking for high quality, creative and fun hidden gems.

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Check out more resources below for best practices about how to launch and grow your indie game on Google Play.


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