Custom store listings

Drive users to tailored store listings by country, or by campaign using unique listing URLs

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Target specific user segments

Customize your app’s name, icon, descriptions, and graphic assets based on their country

Designed for campaigns

Drive users to customized store listings using unique listing URL for each campaign

Extensive variables

Create up to 50 custom store listings

Best practices

  • You can target multiple countries with a custom store listing, but you can only target a country with one custom store listing at a time

  • Unless you add translations for your custom store listings, they’re shown to users in the countries that you select in your custom store listing’s default language. It’s a good idea to make sure you add translations for all of the languages that are spoken in the countries that you target with a custom store listing

  • You can show a specific store listing to users who visit via a unique custom store listing URL. This can be an effective way to showcase relevant features about your app depending on where your users visited your store listing from

  • You can use custom store listings for pre-registration campaigns

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