Price experiments

Price with confidence by testing price points for in-app products and optimizing for local purchasing power at scale

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Find the right price point

A/B test directly in Play Console and identify when you may be pricing yourself out of a sale or under-valuing your in-app products.

Adapt to local purchasing power

Experiment with different price points across markets and reach more global buyers.

Apply optimized price at scale

Once an experiment reaches statistical significance, simply apply the 'winning' price across all experiment products and markets.

Best practices

  • Tailor your pricing strategy by region to make the most of local purchasing power

  • Track critical monetization metrics like revenue, orders, buyers, ARPPU, and more in Play Console

  • After every A/B test, apply the winning result directly from the experiment interface

  • Test both price increases and decreases to see which one performs better and drives the highest revenue in your chosen markets

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Try price experiments

Test price points for in-app products and optimize for local purchasing power at scale.

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