Play User Choice Billing Pilot

This pilot allows participating developers to test offering an alternative billing option next to Google Play's billing system and is designed to help us explore offering this choice to users.

Pilot goals

  • Gain insights on user choice billing from developers and consumers in different countries to ensure we can maintain a positive user experience with alternative billing systems

  • Understand requirements and challenges for developers

  • Understand complexities involved in supporting user choice billing

Program eligibility

  • Your app must be a non-gaming mobile or tablet app

  • Developer must be a registered business

Program requirements

Developers participating in user choice billing must be willing to meet appropriate user protection and program requirements, including:

  • Implement trust and safety requirements, and user experience guidelines when available

  • Only offer user choice billing to mobile and/or tablet users in announced pilot countries

  • Comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) (if handling credit and debit card data)

  • Only offer alternative billing systems within the app

For participants in this pilot, service fees, which support our investments in Play and Android, will continue to apply. Developers must pay Google the applicable service fees. When a consumer chooses to use an alternative billing system, the service fee the developer pays will be reduced by 4%.


Please note that eligibility and requirements are subject to change. ​​Developers will be required to switch to our automated APIs once they become available. We expect the pilot details to continue to evolve as we learn more and receive additional feedback, including evaluating countries for future expansion.

Get started
If your app qualifies based on the program details above, sign up for the pilot by clicking on learn more below and following the getting started instructions.

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