Google Play Partner Program for Games

A program that gives top game developers access to additional growth tools and premier services tailored to their high-scale, high-performance needs.

Eligibility and requirements

  • Developers having more than $5M USD annually in games consumer spend

  • A developer account in good standing

Partner benefits

  • Enhanced business support from Google Play

  • Faster releases with a priority publishing queue*

  • Insights into device attributes across the Google Play device ecosystem

  • Enhanced pre-launch tools like pre-registration testing, access codes, and store listing experiments for pre-registration campaigns

  • Reduced thresholds to qualify for premium growth tools like promotional content

  • Automatic access to promotional content for all new titles, from pre-registration until at least 2 quarters after production launch

  • Additional custom store listings (100 instead of 50)

  • Pre-approval of top eligible titles into Google Play Points

  • Additional integrity and security protection including automatic approval for Play Integrity API usage that scales to the game’s needs, without quotas

  • Invitations to eligible early access programs

  • Active development of new features

*Conducted on a best-effort basis. Typically, processing will take less than 24 hours, but in some cases, including sensitive app categories, it may take longer. All apps must follow Google Play Policy to be published on Google Play.

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