Eyecon improves registration conversion by 30%

Eyecon increases retention with Firebase A/B testing


Founded in 2016, Eyecon provides millions of people with advanced caller ID and mobile communication enhancements on their mobile phones. On average, each Eyecon user interacts with the app more than 25 times a day and onboarded users who pass a certain threshold of app use become committed users with longer term retention. This led the team to focus on increasing the percentage of users that pass that threshold to achieve more long-term retention.

What they did

To grow the user cohort passing the threshold, they reviewed their onboarding process and broke down the registration flow into 12 separate steps. Next, they analyzed each step of the flow with a focus on user drop-off rates and used this analysis to test the impact of reduced onboarding steps on retention.

They A/B tested three options:

  1. Showing vs. removing onboarding videos
  2. Showing vs. removing promotion of the premium paid offering
  3. Showing vs. removing onboarding videos AND premium promotion

They rolled out different flows to users, interviewed them to gauge their reactions, and observed their interactions with the flow. The team used Firebase Remote Config, A/B testing, and their own data to confirm results.


Eyecon observed higher conversions when they reduced the number of explanatory steps during the onboarding flow. The test results showed that option B, removing the promotion of the premium paid offering, was the winning variant. As a result, they rolled out this change to all users and saw an increase in registration funnel conversion of around 30%.

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